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MOSAIC INDUSTRIES, INC. - Newark, CA - - Off-the-shelf versatile TOUCHSCREEN INSTRUMENT CONTROLLERS - Quickly create machine & instrument interfaces with GUI, 128x240 CCFL-backlit graphic display - programmagle in C or in Forth - hundreds of screens, buttons & menus - A/D and two RS235/485 ports - 8 timer-controlled digital I/O lines - up to 1MB Flash, 512KB RAM - wide selection of plug-in I/O.
(510)790-1255, Fax: (510)790-0925, E-mail: Info@Mosaic-Industries.com Request a quote

NORTHPOINT TECHNOLOGIES - Mundelein, IL - - OEMs worldwide are including Northpoint Technologies' touch screens in their mission-critical applications. From hand held PDAs to supermarket check-outs, and from assembly line machine controls to hospital operating rooms, we're there to provide reliable equipment with crisp and consistent touchscreen data displays - Stock prodcuts ready for shipping, and custom OEM designs.
(847)566-7999, Fax: (847)566-9099, E-mail: Info@northpointouch.com Request a quote

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OEM Custom Touchscreens
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