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EVERIGHT SENSORS CORPORATION - Moorestown, NJ - - Linear and rotary position sensors, contactless sensing technologies including our own NyceWave™ distributed impedance technology, capacitive "electric encoder" technology, inductive (LVIT/RVIT), Hall effect encoder, optical encoder, Wiegand (for multi-turn rotary), and LVDT inductive. Our extreme design flexibility offers OEM custom solutions in input/outputs, mechanical packaging, and physical & electrical interfaces.

(856)727-9555, Fax: (856)727-9585, E-mail: Contact@EverightSensors.com Request a quote

MACRO SENSORS, Div. Howard A. Schaevitz Technologies, Inc. - Pennsauken, NJ - - Leading suppliers of LVDT-based position / displacement sensors - Stock LVDTs, RVDTS custom and OEM designs. Free core LVDTs, spring-loaded LVDT, harsh environment LVDTs, temperatures up to 200°C, pressure 10,000 PSI, signal conditioners, digital controllers. Measure movements from a few millionths of an inch, up to several inches, and positions up to 40 inches (1000mm).
(856)662-8000, Fax: (856)661-8000, E-mail: LVDTs@MacroSensors.com Request a quote

MICRO-EPSILON - Raleigh, NC - - State-of-the-art industrial DISPLACEMENT SENSOR SYSTEMS. Our sensors are used worldwide to measure displacement, distance, position, vibration, dimension, and thickness. Critical applications include industrial automation, quality inspection, process control, R&D and more. Contact and non-contact displacement sensors and sensor systems using inductive, potentiometric, capacitive, optical, and eddy-current principles.
(919)787-9707, Fax: (919)787-9706, E-mail: OEM@me-us.com
Request a quote

THERMOMETRICS CORPORATION - Northridge, CA - - A family operated domestic manufacturer of RTD and Thermocouple TEMPERATURE SENSORS. We have been providing standard and OEM custom sensors from bare thermocouple junctions to industrial assemblies with thermowells at competitive prices since 1965. Our technical staff has over 50 years combined experience to help you fill your TEMPERATURE SENSING requirements.
(818)886-3755, Fax: (818)772-7690, E-mail: Sales@ThermometricsCorp.com Request a quote

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