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ELUME, INC. - Newbury Park, CA - - Semiconductor thin-film "short run" foundry, processing Silicon, Silicon carbide, Lithium niobate, quartz, glass, P(L)ZT, ceramics, (liquid soluble) sodium chloride 50-200mm wafers. Photolithography expose, develop, etch. KOH, HF, RIE, microblasting. Mask generation from GDS2. PVD sputtered coatings with interlayer (liftoff) patterning, <1 to >1, for metals, ITO, oxides, etc. Wafer thinning <100, annealing to 1300C.
(805)587-2214, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: Sales@Elume.com Request a quote

NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR - ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION, MD - - On-shore, ITAR registered and DoD accredited Trusted category 1A wafer foundry services, offering CMOS and BiCMOS technologies, ranging from 0.65m to 0.13m with SiGe and SOI options. Unique die ID fingerprinting (UNG unique number generator) IP also available. Low/high-volume, offering long-term support for the life cycle of your project.

(888)498-1618, (301)498-9696, Fax: (301)604-6321, E-mail: trusted.solutions@nsc.com Request a quote

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