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ACCUTEK MICROCIRCUIT CORP. - Newburyport, MA - - Offering a family of resistor and capacitor networks. Create custom values or combination of values of resistors and/or capacitors into a single compact plugable module. Specify your own values, tolerances and wattages.
(978)465-6200, Fax: (978)462-3396, E-mail: sales@accutekmicro.com Request a quote

MARKTEK INC. - Chesterfield, MO - - Unique, flexible, nonmetallic, resistive wire called Fibreohm - Resistive wire for antennas, field meters, probes, etc. and graduated resistance. Linear resistance from several Ohm/in to 500,000 Ohm/in are available. Being nonmetallic and resistive, Fibreohm wire interacts minimally with electromagnetic fields. Marktek's conductive fabrics are also used for resistive heating applications.
(866)364-6285, (314)878-9190, Fax: (813)855-3291, E-mail: Info@MarkTek-Inc.com Request a quote

PANTHER PARTS - North Hollywood, CA- - Established in 1979, Panther Parts is a leading independent distributor of passive electronic components. We stock commercial and military board level components, high voltage parts and plenty of obsolete, hard to find parts. Over 120,000 line items and nearly a billion parts. No more waiting lead times, we have it all.
(818)506-1777, Fax: (818)766-1626 , E-mail: Sales@PantherParts.com Request a quote

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