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CURTIS INDUSTRIES - Milwaukee, WI - - Manufacturers of PCB terminal blocks and OEM custom plastic parts. Please search our website now for your specs. ISO 9001:2000 certified procedures ensure high quality product design and manufacturing for electronics OEMs worldwide.
(800)657-0853, Fax: (414)649-4279, E-mail: sales@curtisind.com Request a quote

PALLET SELECTIONS - Toledo, OH - - Providing a wide range of products in the pallet and reusable plastic bulk container industry. Leading providers of industrial, packaging, and shipping materials. Our products include new & used collapsible containers, light duty pallets, gaylord boxes, oneway pallets, nestable pallets, super sacks, reusable containers, bulk containers, reusable packaging, plastic pallets & totes, and metal storage bins.
(877)598-5885, E-mail: Sales@palletselection.com Request a quote

PNC INC. - Nutley, NJ - - Precision machining, sheet metal fabrication and custom injection molded plastic parts for the electronics industry. Your one stop source for complete PCB design, fabrication and assembly, including flexible and rigid flex circuits - Through-hole, SMT, mixed, and electromechanical assembly in our RoHS compliant domestic and offshore facilities.
Visit also: www.Job-Shops.com
Visit also: www.PlasticsForElectronics.com
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OEM Custom Plastic Parts
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