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BACHUR & ASSOCIATES - Santa Clara, CA - - Broad line manufacturers of standard and custom-engineered UV Lightsources and Exposure Systems. Systems range from 75mm diameter (or square) to greater than 300mm diameter. These systems can be configured to produce radiation from the Near UV through the Deep UV spectral regions. Competitive prices, delivery typically Stock to 8 weeks ARO.
(408)988-5861, Fax: (408)982-9513, E-mail: sales@bachur-n-associates.com Request a quote

PRECISION PHOTONICS, INC. - Boulder, CO - - Since 2000, developers and manufacturers of standard and OEM custom precision optical components, coatings and assemblies. By taking advantage of our diverse background in spectroscopy, precision metrology, and high-volume manufacturing, we are able to provide price-competitive laser optics and coatings to the telecommunications, defense, aerospace, biomedical, and semiconductor industries.
(303)444-9948, Fax: (303)444-9951, Fax: (714)783-7766, E-mail: precisionphotonicscorp@gmail.com Request a quote
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SWIFT GLASS COMPANY - Elmira, NY - - We specialize in the precision fabrication of glass materials, providing custom glass parts to original equipment manufacturers. Boro, soda lime, all varieties of color filter glass, as well as quartz. Processes include CNC milling, double sided lapping and polishing, chemical strengthening, heat tempering, as well as edge grinding and polishing.
(607)733-7166, Fax: (607)732-5829, E-mail: dmbarnicle@aol.com Request a quote
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