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IIS - INDUSTRIAL INDEXING SYSTEMS - Victor, NY - - Wide variety of motion control products and services to OEMs and end-users - Single and multi-axis MOTORS, CONTROLLERS, DRIVES and associated hardware. Full range of easy to use software products makes it simple to program quickly and accurately. IIS Engineers are ready to work with you on your latest machine design project.
(585)924-9181, Fax: (585)924-2169, E-mail: Info@IIS-Servo.com Request a quote

POLYTEC PI - Auburn, MA - - PI ultra-low inertia NanoPositioning solutions have helped leading companies in in semicon, microscopy, telecom, photonics, data storage, machining and many other markets to achieve Nanometer Precision Faster. Visit our website and return later for a complete product description.
(508)832-3456, Fax: (508)832-0506, E-mail: Info@PolytecPI.com Request a quote

RMV ELECTRONICS, INC. - Vancouver, BC, Canada - - Control up to 16 stepper motors simultaneously using a single serial port. Linear accel/decel, shaft encoder for each axis, chopper driver until 2 Amp set up via software, DLL interface for Windows XX, Linux, free source code. Custom firmware design, drivers development for our existing products. Less than $100/U.S. per axis.
(604)299-5173, Fax: (604)299-5174, E-mail: Customer@RMV.com Request a quote

Visit also: www.MotionControlSources.com
Visit also: www.OEM-MotionControl.com
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