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NORTHPOINT TECHNOLOGIES - Mundelein, IL - - OEMs worldwide are including Northpoint Technologies' touch screens in their mission-critical applications. From hand held PDAs to supermarket check-outs, and from assembly line machine controls to hospital operating rooms, we're there to provide reliable equipment with crisp and consistent touchscreen data monitors - Stock prodcuts ready for shipping, and custom OEM designs.
(847)566-7999, Fax: (847)566-9099, E-mail: Info@northpointouch.com Request a quote

VIEWPOINT SYSTEMS, INC. - Pensacola, FL - - Designers and manufactures of rugged displays for the military, defense contracting industry, and airborne law enforcement community. Our displays are designed to operate for thousands of hours in the most demanding environments. Offering a variety of different size rugged monitors as well as OEM custom displays, all designed and assembled in the U.S.
(888)632-1322, (850)629-8980, Fax: (000)000-0000, E-mail: sales@viewpointproducts.com Request a quote 11/GP

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