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PNC Inc. - Membrane Switches Graphic Overlays
OEM Custom Membrane Switches - Engineering & Design - Graphic Overlays - Medical Electronics - Industrial Electronics - Military Electronics - Quick Quote! . . . Click Here to Enter or Call 973-284-1600 . . .

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ADVANCED ELECTRONIC MANUFACTURING / AEM - Dania Beach, FL - - U.S.-based company with offshore partners, providing our clients with OEM custom membrane switches. Work directly with U.S.-based staff members who are available and accessible to you in your local time zone. We’re doing business when you’re doing business, which helps to streamline and speed up your new product to market.

(866)590-2880, (954)893-6955, Fax: (954)337-3191, E-mail: info@aem-llc.com Request a quote

HOFFMANN + KRIPPNER - Peachtree City, GA - - ISO-certified leading manufacturer of turnkey input devices and control units, including membrane switches, HMIs, customized keyboards, control panels and more. Serving the medical, aviation, industrial and consumer OEM community worldwide. Over 40 years of experience, combined with our customer dedication and our patented technologies put us ahead of the competition.
(678)519-2218, Fax: (678)519-3061, E-mail: sales@hoffmann-krippner.com Request a quote Request a quote
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NORTHPOINT TECHNOLOGIES, INC. - Mundelein, IL - - Leading manufacturer membrane switches, keypads and conductive rubber switches & keypads, using silicone rubber and rubber impregnated with carbon to replace mechanical switches. Today, our Conductive Silicone switches and keypads are used worldwide, in an ever-increasing variety of products and industries.
(800)553-5087, (847)566-7999, Fax: (847)566-9099, E-mail: Info@SiliconeSwitches.com Request a quote

PNC, INC. - Nutley, NJ - - Our engineering staff has the capability to assist you from the design phase through the final production of your membrane switch while making this process as simple as possible - beginning with overlay graphics and color formulations to circuitry layout and placement of value added components.
(973)284-1600, Fax: (973)284-1925, E-mail: Sales@PNConline.com Request a quote

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OEM Custom Graphic Overlays
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