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A.H. SYSTEMS, INC. - Chatsworth, CA - - A.H. Systems manufactures a complete line of individually calibrated EMC test antennas, preamplifiers, current probes and low-loss high-frequency cables. We also provide tripods and accessories to complete your testing requirements and offer recalibration and rental services. Most products are stocked and available for next-day, on-time delivery.

(818)998-0223, Fax: (818)998-6892, E-mail: sales@ahsystems.com Request a quote
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ANTENNA DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING CORP. - Jessup, MD - - Designers and manufacturers of communication antennas from 100 Hz to 20 GHz. ADM has the capability to customize/modify standard products and to design new products to suit our customers' unique antenna requirements. Our staff includes degree experts, advanced degreed consultants with many years of experience in antenna and radome design and analysis experience.
(301)498-1140, Fax: (301)604-6585 , E-mail: antennaman48@yahoo.com Request a quote ..... ...

JIM D. GRAY & ASSOCIATES, INC. - Richardson, TX - - Antennas for UHF, VHF, WLL, AMR, GPS L1 / L2, GSM, ISM, PCS, Bluetooth, 3G, Embedded antennas 800mhz - 2400Mhz. Our Quad V GPS antennas require no ground plane and do not require a clear sky view. Constrained near-field does not interact with nearby components or the user, making possible multiple orientations and mechanical configurations.

(972)699-9976, Fax: (972)699-9977, E-mail: jimgray@jimdgrayassoc.com Request a quote
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